Over the years, Joe has distilled his experience almost into a philosophy. It is fun to listen to him talk. Especially while he works. “The bicycle wheel is an integral part of bicycle design. Whatever the concept, however the frame is constructed, it is paramount that the wheel reflect and enhance the integrity and performance of the machine.” Joe Young Wheels is about simplicity and elegance. It’s not about turning the clock back. It’s about integrating the best of today’s innovations with the time-tested results of the past so that you can have a smooth, safe, strong, fast ride.

“The mountain bike world-cup is the toughest on the rider and equipment. Building wheels for the pro’s takes a lot of know how and experience. Joe Young is one of the few wheelbuilders who has my whole confidence. This guy knows how to build wheels!” Thomas Frischknecht

“Some people must have been born with a spoke wrench in one hand. At Ritchey Design, when Joe built the wheel, we never had any worries.”

Tom Ritchey