These wheelsets are designed for competitive riding, either USCF events or for informal, half wheel hell rides with your “friends”. I design fast, durable wheelsets for the individual – based on your personal physical dimensions, riding style, bicycle frame, and the road/trail conditions you will be facing. I also build wheelsets for general conditions, but that are balanced properly so that they accelerate well in sprints and climbs, hold together, and will not interrupt your training because they need truing.

I only use the best materials for the design. Competition wheels need to be efficient but not so harsh that your body can’t relax . If your wheels are too stiff, your muscles will always be slightly contracted, ready to resist the next shock wave from the road. This contraction creates fatigue that wastes energy.

I also design wheels for specific events such as Time Trials, Road, Criterium, and Track and wheels for full suspended mountain or downhill bikes. You have to finish to win. In the two years I built Team Ritchey’s wheels there was not one technical DNF in World Cup competition or even during a training ride. The same for Thomas Frischknecht’s cyclocross and road race events.

These results are from my using a combination of design skills wedded to carefully selected components.

I also do rebuilds – replacing only parts that are needed, except I don’t recommend reusing spokes, ever.

Racing-Performance Wheelsets

“Fast wheels! You are my new wheel builder!”
Thomas Frischknecht