Truing stand Long Distance EventsI have designed frames and wheels for many long-distance endurance events. Paris-Brest-Paris qualifiers, finishers, and other successful Paris-Brest-Paris type events, including Race Across America (RAAM) and Lon Haldeman’s P.A.C. Tours (coast to coast and Ridge of the Rockies). I have designed wheels for a record setting tandem coast to coast crossing and hour speed records.

This type of event requires similar components to touring but add the element of efficiency with speed and endurance. Many riders who do these events use one bike for training and events. Long distance, endurance event designs have to be comfortable and efficient as the hours in the saddle are long – day after day after… No time for tweaking the bike between rides. One of my PAC tour finishers reported that, “the 5 riders in this crossing using my wheels were the only ones having no wheel issues.” One of my endurance riders has 45,000 miles on his wheels.