Thinking about having custom built wheels made for your bike? You are at the right place! Joe Young has built wheels for pro-racers, Olympians, and top team mechanics. Custom built wheels built by Joe Young always use the latest technology, high quality hubs, spokes and rims.  The latest technology combined with building techniques developed over 30+ years means your wheels will be uniquely suited for you and your riding style. Joe will take the time to determine your exact needs a custom build a wheel set for you and your riding style – road, single-speed, gravel grinder,  mountain bike, cyclocross, commuter, touring, or even a  combination of styles if it is practical.

Custom wheel sets are designed to be optimal for you, Joe considers weight, height, degree of fitness, gender, riding style, type of frame, and your desires. There is more than just making a light wheel. A properly designed wheel absorbs impact, gives you a smooth ride, and will last – not just a season, but for years.