Older road bikes, even racing bikes, have clearance for wider tires that make riding on less than perfect pavement, even dirt roads, more enjoyable. Thinking about turning that old road bike into your new gravel grinder or doing a restoration? You should consult Joe Young!

Older frame designs are more comfortable and efficient in many ways than the new carbon frames.

• Takes the weight off hands
• More power in a seated position

• Better chainline
• More clearance for tires and fender
• Shorter top tube without short wheel base
• Shorter front center

So if you have an older classic or can find one, why not bring it back with some new custom wheels.

Remember that modern frame designs are really designed for only about 2% of the cycling community. The hard core racer, for the rest of us a classic bike may be the perfect fit and comfortable ride that you need.

Remember what we’re talking about here:
• Quality
• Simplification
• Timeless Design

There are a lot of very high quality older frames and bikes for very little money. Restoring an older frame can be an adventure, and lot of fun. You can bring them back to original condition or modernize with new parts.