DT Hubs


I love DT Hubs. The exploded picture of a 240s hub (DT Swiss website), shows what can be accomplished by a simple design and exacting craftsmanship. All of their hubs use the same design. You can see the 100% contact drive disks (#2) with the simple engagement springs. Observe the four preset cartridge bearings (#3) and the hub and cassette body that never need adjustments (no special tools needed, ever). The press-fit end caps with the extra outboard contact seals (#1) keep out moisture and dirt. I have built hundreds of wheels with this hub and have only replaced two bearings.

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  1. Danny February 16, 2016 at 6:32 am

    I like em too, Joe. I wish they were available polished, as I am a retrogrouch. HAha. Looks like only 36 hole hubs are thier tandem hubs, and as a R.G. I only ride 36 holes (haha again) But I guess they’re 145 OLD so no dish, right?

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